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Gama Header Bag


Gama Sterilization Rolls, high quality, 60-70 gr. Produced using medical kraft paper and transparent CPP. Water-based indicator inks and other prints used in accordance with ISO 11140 standard are made outside the packaging area to prevent pigment migration. Gama Sterilization Rolls, which provides effective sealing thanks to its strong channel structure, has a clear opening direction, provides clean opening and does not leave particles.

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Gamma Header Bag made with DuPont™ Tyvek® is the perfect solution for providing EO (ethylene oxide) sterilization. It is a great sterilization product for products such as medical devices, procedure kits that need protection against light, oxygen and moisture. Made with Tyvek® medical paper, Gamma Header Bag has greater puncture resistance than other medical grade papers, offers superior moisture resistance and creates a microbial barrier.

  • Since it can be produced on demand starting from 5 CM to 60 CM width, it provides ease of use.It is produced with high quality, 60-70 gr medical kraft paper and transparent CPP.
  • Prints are made outside the packaging area to prevent pigment migration.
  • Thanks to its visible strong channel structure, it provides effective sealing.
  • Non-toxic, water-based and full color rendering indicator ink is used.
  • The indicator ink complies with ISO 11140 standard and steam sterilization with ethylene oxide.
  • It provides clean opening and leaves no particles.
  • The opening direction is clear.
  • Our production is carried out in accordance with the following standards;

ISO 11607-1
ISO 14644-5
ISO 11737-2
ISO 13485
ISO 868-5

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